Photography by Markus Henttonen

Markus Henttonen

Markus Henttonen is a Finnish artist photographer currently living and working in Berlin. He studied photography in Turku Arts Academy in Finland from where he graduated 2002. In his works he has photographed the relationship between people and the physical and emotional environment; the anonymous metropolis in the series Night Time Stories and Wall and the crowded holiday beaches in one his very first works To be on View. In his recent projects Henttonen has shifted deeper into emotions and narratives, with the eerie and dark Silent Night and the newest Twisted Tales –Road to Hope a journey through landscape, time, and emotions. His photographs lay somewhere between the real and imaginary, they are at the same time precise and beautifully poetic. And there is always this tiny hint of melancholy underneath.

Henttonen´s work has been exhibited extensively in solo- and group exhibitions as well as International Art Fairs, Photo Biennials and -Festivals in Finland and many other countries; Germany, France, UK, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Poland, China, Italy, Monaco, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. His recent exhibitions include e.g. Helsinki Kunsthalle and Lahti Art Museum (2014), Stockholm Centre for Photography, Sweden (2013), Galerie Arktika in Marktoberdorf, Germany (2012), Galerie Vanessa Quang in Paris, France (2011) and the International Photography Festival in Lodz, Poland (2011). Henttonen has released two books; Paral-lel City (2004) and Lonely But Not Alone (2011) in Finland. He is currently working on a new book Twisted Tales –Road to Hope which will be published in the autumn 2015 worldwide via Hatje Cantz.

Markus Henttonen´s works can be found in several public collections such as the Italian Museum Su Palatu and major museums in Finland such as Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Wäino Aaltonen Museum in Turku as well as the Art Museums of Jyväskylä, Kotka and Lahti. His works are also part of numerous private collections in Europe and USA.

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