Architecture Photography by Lana Tannir

Lana Tannir

Born in the United States to a Croatian family and growing up in Munich (Germany), Lana Tannir has been immersed into a variety of cultures at a very young age. Being raised trilingually, speaking fluent German, English and Croatian along with some French and Russian, she has grown up with a strong desire to communicate her emotions, thoughts and opinions to the public in a universal language.

Initially, this desire to communicate had presented itself in the love for acting. Nevertheless, the joy to perform expanded into dance – which she has purused since the age of 7 – and music, playing both the piano and guitar, singing, and composing her own songs.

In 2004, Lana directed her first film, whereupon she decided to puruse the career path, directing, along with her acting passion. Multiple film awards from England, Austria and the United States followed in 2007 when she directed her second film, Crimson, at the age of 16. In 2010, her film Die Vier Elemente, was presented in all cinemas in Starnberg and its surroundings after having won the Image Kurzfilm award at the Fünf Seen Film Festival.

She draws her inspiration and strength from personal experiences, music, her belief in luck, love and fate, and the intrigue of everyday life, nature, family and storytelling. Recurring themes throughout her work are the struggle of the individual to belong, the discovery of identity, the human psyche, the margin between sanity and insanity, truth versus lies, dreams, love, fate and the attempt to attain freedom from society‘s restraints and restrictions. She tackles these themes with a critical, provocative eye, embracing a mildly experimental style mirroring that of some of her favorite directors – Ingmar Bergman, Lukas Moodyson, Lasse Hallström, Joachim Trier, Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu, Emir Kusturica and Darren Aronofsky.

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