Photography by Rob Hann

Rob Hann
Rob Hann was born in Salisbury, England and spent his childhood on the family farm. His wanderlust led him to leave the farm and head for the bright lights of London where he joined the fire brigade. Over the following years he lived and worked in Austin, Texas, New York City, Milan, Paris and London again before returning to New York where he's lived since 2003. He kept himself busy with a great variety of jobs before becoming a photographer and shot his first commission,a portrait of Lydia Lunch, in 1993. He then worked for many leading publications before turning exclusively to art photography in 2010.

"At the age of three i climbed through a hole in the garden fence and headed off on my tricycle to visit my grandmother's house a few miles away. It was my first road trip. Later in life I became a photographer and, in 2001, took my first solo road trip in the American west. I knew I'd found my subject. Since then I've moved from England to New York City and take to the American road whenever I get the chance. I'm not documenting the brutal creeping sprawl of corporate America. I'm seeking the magic that still exists in the spaces in between."

Photography by Rob Hann

Photographer Rob Hann

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