Advertising Photography by Danny Eastwood

Danny Eastwood
Danny Eastwood is an advertising photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Danny was not given a camera at a young age. Instead, he honed his ability to hold his breath for long periods and played a lot of underwater hockey, eventually representing his country in his chosen sport.

He left high school at suitable age to study architecture and industrial design. His dreams of being Howard Roark or Le Corbusier were foiled though, due to a complete inability to understand even basic physics. This terrible affliction was possibly the result of cerebral hypoxia induced while playing obscure water sports.

Unable to figure out why a city built on rock and roll is structurally unsound, and also unable to draw cubes in three dimensions with sufficiently straight lines, Danny drifted into other areas of design. His years of study left him with an abiding love of the Fibonacci sequence, the smell of Polaroid, Wim Wenders, and ultimately a Bachelor of Design, majoring in photography.

Danny was initially inspired by the greats of photo-documentary such as Robert Capa, Don McCullin and Sebastião Salgado. But after experiencing war and famine first-hand-on-television, he changed his direction. He decided instead it would be far easier and more hygienic to stay home and photograph shiny pretty things, albeit in a slightly dark way.

He works regularly with Australia’s leading Advertising Agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB, Leo Burnett, Clemenger BBDO and Ogilvy.

His work has been recognised internationally at D&AD, the New York Advertising Festival and featured in Luerzer’s Archive. In Australia his work has been accepted at AWARD, The Work, Projections and the Outdoor Advertising Awards.

Advertising Photography by Danny Eastwood

Photography by Danny Eastwood

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