Places of non work, The Hipsta version by Adriano Mauri

Adriano Mauri
Adriano Mauri was born in Iglesias in 1965 and is a free-lance photographer. After several years of study at the faculty of Education in Cagliari and two years in Rome focusing on video and montage, he began his profession in the field as a photographer in Cagliari at the studio SupportiVisivi and at the studio of his friend, Giorgio Dettori, specializing in industrial and commercial architectural photography.

Since 1997 he is a photo reporter for the newspaper L'Unione Sarda and collaborates with the Ansa news agency for approximately two years.
He has published multiple reportage for magazines and editors such as: Bell'Italia, D di Repubblica, Priuli e Verlucca, Cairo Editore, Giorgio Mondadori, Rcs, Costa Smeralda Magazine, Il Gambero Rosso, Panorama, Musica Jazz,

In recent years he has dedicated his work to a number of editorial projects around the theme of food; publishing approximately 40 volumes of food photography for numerous editors, including L'Unione Editoriale, Giorgio Mondadori Editore, Della Torre Editore.

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