Fine Art Black & White Photography by Kevin Boldenow

Kevin Boldenow

Kevin Boldenow’s life-long passion for photography began the moment he picked up his parents’ Brownie camera. Since that time, Kevin has built a career as a professional photographer specializing in 35mm, medium format, and digital landscape and figurative imagery. In addition to his native Michigan, Kevin has lived in five states, including Texas, New Jersey, and Virginia, before moving to Florida in 1996.

Inspired by the density and drama of the landscape, Kevin began to work primarily in black & white, and black & white infrared film, as a way to capture the myriad textures and details found in the overwhelmingly verdant landscape. Although color will always be a part of my portfolio, Boldenow believes that black & white more dramatically reveals the combination of light, heat, and shadows found in the already mystical landscape. In his own words, Kevin seeks to instill “a sense of awe of the natural environment and the feeling of serenity we have when we allow ourselves to truly experience the beauty of nature. Nature allows my mind to breathe. So often, we allow little distractions to upset our balance. Nature helps me retain that balance”.

Boldenow’s images make you take careful observation of the subject matter. The subtle beauty captivates your senses. You can almost feel the sun’s rays playing through the trees, hear the harmonic chorus of morning insects, and experience the smell of moistened earth and dew on the rich foliage. As a natural extension of the love of nature, Kevin has progressed into creating Fine Art Nudes, blending the beauty of the female form within the landscape. Boldenow’s work continues to evolve, ever experimenting and expanding his work and style.

Photography by Kevin Boldenow

Black & White Photography by Kevin Boldenow

Fine Art Black & White Photography by Kevin Boldenow

Fine Art Photography by Kevin Boldenow

Fine Art by Kevin Boldenow

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