Light Photography by Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood

Barry Underwood’s images are documentations of full-scale installations that are built on-site in the landscape. Inspired by cinema and contemporary art, Underwood constructs installations that can sometimes take days, even weeks to build – before photographing them at night. The results are mysterious visions of a place or time that may or may not be, intangible illusions of another world that exists in parallel to ours. Using illusion, imagination, and narrative, his photographs explore the potential of the ordinary.

Barry Underwood: Fish I and Fish II. They were the first two photographs I made in the series. I call this series “Scenes”. They are from the same installation and taken from two different vantage points, at two different times. The Fish I was photographed at midnight and Fish II at 4:00am.

Photography by Barry Underwood

Light Photography by Barry Underwood

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