Fashion Photography by Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond

Gavin Bond is one of the most sought-after celebrity photographers in the world. His intoxicating mix of sex, sophistication and smiles combined with contemporary sass and good ol’ Hollywood glamour is an irresistible cocktail of uniquely conceptual ideas and memorable personality driven shots.

The magic comes from Bond’s special way of connecting with his subjects. From Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black, Jessica Alba, George Clooney, U2, Eva Mendes, The Killers to Rihanna, Sasha Baron Cohen, Kings of Leon, ACDC and Muse among many others his celebrity clients willingly become an active partner in his process. Bond’s innate ability to create an immediate air of intimacy along with his keen eye and whimsical imagination always amounts to Bond getting exactly what he needs for his image, whether it is a captured revelation of true character, an exaggerated version of celebrity selves or the flip side to a public persona.

A graduate of London's infamous St Martin’s School Of Art, Bond began his career shooting backstage at the international runway shows, building mutually beneficial relationships with the world's most revered fashion designers and supermodels alike.

Today, based in NYC in addition to dividing his time between Los Angeles and London, he still keeps the reportage aspect of his work rolling, shooting straight from the hip for Victoria's Secrets sexy shows and backstage at the Golden Globes, the Q Awards and many more.
Recent advertising clients include Bank Of America, Sears, LG and, of course entertainment clients such as Universal, Sony Music, HBO, FX, ABC, VH1, NBC, ITV, Oxygen, Turner, Fox and Showtime.

Bonds other credits include The Annual Victoria Secret special issue for the last seven years, numerous covers for “Q” Magazine, a regular contributor to UK GQ, and a newly completed critically acclaimed photography book on Green Day. Bond has also shot several movie posters including “Kick Ass” and Cemetery Junction” along with others for the upcoming releases of “Great Expectations”, “Cuban Fury”, and “Worlds End.”

Bond is a proud and regular contributor to Philips De Pury where his work is presented and auctioned.

Photography by Gavin Bond

Fashion Photography by Gavin Bond

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